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PVC Corner with fiberglass mesh YD8

(Recommeded application: corner parts of EIFS construction)。
PVC corner protector with fiberglass mesh can effectively solve the problems of EIFS such as the positive angle unstraight,unsmooth,and the angle of the wall easily to be damaged, using the corner beads, no need to use steel panel, also can enhandce the construction efficiency 2~5 times,reduce the construction cost, and guarantee the beauty and firmness of corner。
  • YD-8
  • Yuanda
  • 701959000

(Recommeded application: corner parts of EIFS construction)。
PVC corner protector with fiberglass mesh can effectively solve the problems of EIFS such as the positive angle unstraight,unsmooth,and the angle of the wall easily to be damaged, using the corner beads, no need to use steel panel, also can enhandce the construction efficiency 2~5 times,reduce the construction cost, and guarantee   the beauty and firmness of corner。

Common Specifications:

Width of PVC corner:  25×25mm,

Width of fiberglass mesh: 10cmX10cm

Length: 2m-2.5m

Colors:  white(standard)or other colors.

Special items can also be done as per customers’s requirements160A3753

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